Water drop template writing and illustration

Change the opacity of the first color stop to 30, the second one to 0, set the middlepoint Location to 60, and change the Angle to The follow Scatter Brush setting are what I am using. Conclusion The created drop is all-purpose, and you can place it over any objects of raster and vector type.

Now copy the shape of the drop and paste it in front, select both the drop and shadow shapes, press Minus Front from the Pathfinder palette. Now you can place your dirty little drop in ads, posters, or whatever.

Take the Pen Tool P and create the shape of the shadow. We will need them for further build ups. This is the best way you can start if you have not done this kind of photography before.

Select both shapes and press the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Step 9 The dirty water drop is looking pretty good! Change the fill of the new shape to a linear gradient with the both colors stop white.

Deform the ellipse using the Direct Selection Tool A so that we can make the shape as shown in the figure below. Draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool M about half way down the main drop shape covering the bottom of the offset shape.

The background will create the illusion of plants that are in the background, but not in focus. Place the points of gradient mesh so that the Mesh shape as close to the shape of the grass as possible. However, you may not have sufficient time or that creativeness to make water drop photographs on your own.

Select the middle color stop and change the location to Beautiful Water Drop Photography. Change the opacity of the first color stop to 32 and the opacity of the second color stop to Change the first color stop to white, the second to a light tan, and the third to white.

Rotate the offset slightly to the left and place over the original offset so the top points line up. Change the fill of the new shape to a linear gradient with both color stops white.

There are high-speed splash equipment that can be used to enhance your image shots. Create two circles using the Ellipse Tool L.

You can have a falling drop to collide with the rebound of the first water drop. It contains a curving gray shape overlay which is transparent enough to show through the image, yet still clearly displays your presentation title. Change the fill of the new tongue shape to a linear gradient, change the first color swatch to a pink color, the second color a darker pink color, and the Angle to Change the first color stop to a light gray and the second to black.

Create a Dirty Water Drop Character

Step 19 Create the final composition. Select the offset and its copy and press the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Select your new brush in the Brushes panel, select your Paintbrush tool B and create a couple of paths over your drop. Step 14 Create a light source reflection in the drop.

It contains two slide templates: Use the Gradient Tool G to adjust the gradient so it sits in the top right corner of the eye shape. Step 10 Draw an ellipse towards the bottom of center of the main drop shape.

You might want to do some reading to get further insights on how you can perfect the art and practice of taking these kinds of photographs. Now we have one eye done, select the eye shapes and drag out a copy to the right of the drop shape.

Group all the elements of the grass blade, copy and paste it in front. With the Direct Selection tool Aselect the bottom anchor point and drag it up about half way up the height of the ellipse. Select your pen shape, the offset copy, and press the Intersect button from the Pathfinder panel.

Take the Mesh Tool U and add plenty of points, forming a gradient mesh. Now apply this color to the gradient.Water drops created in this way can be placed on any texture, both vector and raster, and the texture under the drop will look enlarged - just like a real drop of water.

Creating the drop only takes a few minutes but adds a level of detail to your illustration that looks great. Best Water Drop Logo Free Vector Art Downloads from the Vecteezy community.

50+ Best Water Drop Photography Examples / Ideas

Water Drop Logo Free Vector Art licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!Best Water drop illustrator free vector download for commercial use in ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design format.

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There is also a link to a template for a water wheel with a pre-made picture in the web resources section for students who may Cut out the water cycle wheel and the water cycle illustration papers.

Water drop logo stock photos

3. Have students place the wheel behind the illustration paper so they understand Distribute Journey Through the Water Cycle writing.

Water drop logo isolated on white background for use ecology and healthy firm, cleaning, plumbing and sanitary company etc. Vector Illustration Fish drop logo. Make the ellipse about as wide as the water drop shape.

Squish the ellipse with the Selection tool (V) and place it below and behind all the drop shapes. 52 thoughts on “ Create a Dirty Water Drop Character ” Pingback: 50+ Excellent Character Illustration Tutorials.

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Water drop template writing and illustration
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