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And so I want to motivate you to pray big prayers with faith in a mighty God, who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.

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The royal officer of the king of Israel retorted 2 Kings 7: Yet, John lost his head. He is able to do far beyond what we ask or think because He is omnipotent. Have you ever swatted a little gnat that was flying in front of your face? Although God easily could have delivered James, He allowed him to die, while rescuing Peter.

Pray that He will be glorified in His church and in Christ Jesus, to all generations forever and ever. Have you ever stopped to think about how difficult it would be to design a creature that small that can not only fly, but also eat and reproduce?

There have been broken Christian marriages that I have prayed would be restored, but Study notes pdf ended in divorce. While it would be utterly sinful for us to delight in our own glory, because we are imperfect and sinful creatures, it is utterly right for God, because He alone is the absolutely perfect, eternal Creator.

Your brother is executed, while Peter is miraculously freed. Pray not for crutches but for wings.

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I could cite many more examples, but here is one from the New Testament. He unleashed the ten plagues on Egypt and then destroyed the Egyptian army in the sea. So the application of this mind-stretching truth is that God is only glorified in the church in the present age when we live in harmony Conclusion Here are four ways to apply these wonderful verses: But even when God chooses not to deliver us, it is not because He is lacking in power.

He led Peter through opened iron doors, past all the guards, and out into the streets as a free man. Even when they were younger, Sarah had been unable to conceive.

In the context, Paul is laying the doctrinal foundation for the appeal to love and unity and holiness, which follows 4: Throughout the Bible there are examples of God unleashing a small amount of His power to bring judgment on rebellious sinners. Over the past 31 years of my ministry, I am painfully aware of many situations where God has not answered my prayers for Him to do for His glory far more Study notes pdf I could ask or think.

We need to remember the words of Hebrews Surely, Paul prayed for Demas to repent, but there is no biblical record that he ever did so.

Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Herod had imprisoned the apostle Peter, and was planning to execute him the next day.

Satan tempted Eve by getting her to doubt that God and His commandments are good. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

Elisha predicted that the very next day the famine would be completely lifted. In that context, Paul is saying: Pray for the Lord to multiply our few loaves and fishes, so that He would get all the glory.

God is willing to do far beyond what we ask or think because He is good. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone. God often puts His people in impossible situations to display His power and glory.

God is able to do far more abundantly beyond what we ask or think because He is omnipotent.Buy both A+ PDF Course Notes - $30 Buy the Course Notes - $15 Buy the Course Notes - $15 Printed Course Notes book and PDF - $45 My Introducing the Teacher’s Study Bible • No other resource has study notes from the popular Standard Lesson Commentary.

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About CliffsNotes Advertise with Us Literature Notes Test Prep Study Guides. 1. Biology Study Guide Introduction This study guide was devised to enable students to review the basic biological concepts that they may need in preparing for the Biology Exit Assessment.

Module 5 Study Notes 21/1/ Page 3 the alimentary system including the process of digestion by enzymes and the absorption and assimilation of products of digestion. The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey OTHELLO: Student/Teacher Study Guide What we hear most from educators is that there is a great deal of anxiety when it comes to Shakespeare; seeing it.

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