Salt salary and donkey

The donkey could only think of the heavy load on Salt salary and donkey back and the long day ahead. Every morning, the peddler loaded the donkey with his wares. Once, there lived a peddler.

The Peddler saw through his trick and drove him for the third time to the coast, where he bought a cargo of sponges instead of salt. From then on, the donkey never tumbled while crossing streams.

The Donkey and the Load of Salt– Short Story

The donkey plodded along behind the peddler. There were no bridges across the river, so the merchant drove the donkey across the river.

In a moment my burden will vanish. He had had to carry the much heavier, soaked and dripping bales of cloth all the way home again. To carry all his wares, the peddler had a donkey. As luck would have it, the peddler took the same path he had taken the previous day and very soon they came to the same stream.

And the moral of the story? Next morning the peddler loaded the monkey again, this time with bales of cloth that he wanted to sell at the next village. This time however the merchant bought a large load of sponges rather than salt.

And thus his trick recoiled on him, for he now carried on his back a double burden. The Peddler retraced his steps and refilled his panniers with a larger quantity of salt than before.

Of course the sacks were lighter, for the salt had dissolved in the water.

The donkey and the load of salt

A short time later the merchant and the donkey returned to the seaside markets. That night he told the grey cat all about how he had slipped and fallen into the stream and how, when he had climbed out, his load had become so much lighter.

That night, the donkey was a sad and subdued creature. There was a salt vendor in a village. The donkey was loaded with salt bags. I must earn double today or we go to bed hungry tonight. When they came to the river, the donkey who was more wily than sure footed once again slipped on the rocks, pulling his packs under the water and once again melted most of the salt.

Every evening, their wares sold, the peddler and his donkey would wend their way home.

The vendor gave hard beatings to make the donkey get up and walk. The merchant suspected what the donkey had done, but thought to bide his time, in dealing with his delinquent donkey. He kicked his legs about, making sure the bundle on his back was properly soaked.

One day, the vendor was returning after his purchase. He used to buy salt from a nearby town. His back ached more than ever and his feet were killing him. Some days he sold fruits and on other days, kettles.

Meanwhile, the peddler had rushed to the stream and bracing himself on the bank, helped the frightened donkey out of the water.

The donkey, with the heavy sacks of salt on his back, slipped and fell into the water. The donkey hurried ahead as though very thirsty and pretending to slip, fell in.He used to deal in salt.

He had a donkey to carry load. He used to sell his salt loaded on the donkey. He had to cross a stream to go to other village. Once his donkey fell into the stream and much of the salt was dissolved in water. The donkey easily crossed the stream due to the light weight of salt on his back.

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Jobs; Company Reviews CR England Salaries in Salt Lake City, UT Area. salaries (for 82 job titles) Updated Aug 20, The donkey and the load of salt On September 21, September 20, By Mary In Awareness There is a story about a rich merchant and his donkey who went to the seaside markets to buy salt.

In those days, salt (regular ordinary table salt) was a prized and valuable commodity. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you are the salt of the earth” or “worth your salt”, both are referring to the high value of salt. In ancient Rome, the production and transport of salt was serious business.

The donkey was loaded with salt bags.

FACT: the word ‘salary’ comes from the history of salt

While they were crossing a stream, accidentally the donkey slipped and fell into the stream. A lot of salt got dissolved in the water. When the donkey got up the load became very light.

From that day, whenever the vendor returned from town after salt purchase, the donkey began to tumble half-way across one stream or the other.

The vendor became suspicious. In olden time of Rome, the warriors serving the empire were payed with a handful of salt each day.

Later, the officers in charge of distributing salt started finding the transport and preservation (from rain etc.) of the huge bulk inefficient, hence, the reward of salt was replaced by a .

Salt salary and donkey
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