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As research develops, the topic may become more focused on a single method of encryption. The ability to explore the source code and its historical development presents a rare opportunity for students to study an evolutionary operating system development project from the beginning.

Topics of discussion could include the basic Kernel structure, the upper layer services supplied, and the evolutionary basis for the operating systems current structure.


For a bit more of a challenge, develop an autonomous player based on genetic algorithms or some other AI technique. Topic 32 Research the problem of security on a local area network. A distributed software development environment consists of a local area network of computers, wherein software development is done on these inter-linked computers.

It could include the different categories of real-time events and some of the characteristics of distributed systems that cause difficulties for real-time systems, along with possible solutions to those difficulties.

A simple implementation of Rtos research papers socket might also be included. Exploring the structural evolution of this system helps to reveal the basis for many of the modern operating system design techniques.

This could be a broad survey of the field, or it could focus on the details of a particularly useful or popular approach. A project could investigate how far distributed operating systems have come in helping solve such problems and what advances are likely needed to make such problems solvable.

Cosy is an operating system for highly parallel computers, with hundreds or thousands of processors. Topic 18 Currently, gaming is a large source of bandwidth and programming resources. By focusing on network issues such as download times, a study could be produced that is relevant to networked systems, without allowing issues such as ease of use to overshadow functional issues.

Topic 9 The Advanced Manipulators Laboratory, at Carnegie Mellon University, has developed the Chimera Real-Time Operating System, a next generation multiprocessor real-time operating system RTOS designed especially to support the development of dynamically reconfigurable software for robotic and automation systems.

To do its work the monitor needs a trustworthy way to know both the source of the request and the access rule. Topic 8 Angel is designed as a generic parallel and distributed operating system, although it is currently targeted towards a high-speed network of PCs.

Because timing is very critical with real-time systems, the project could naturally include a section on the tools and software available for implementing real-time applications and their approach to timing.

There are many different ways to connect up a network and advantages and disadvantages of each. Topic 29 Create a small Java enabled game that could be played across a network by several players.

Topic 11 Helios Perihelion Distributed Software is a micro-kernel operating system for embedded and multiprocessor systems.

The Hive OS Team is designing an operating system that is able to operate effectively in a traditional supercomputer environment as well as in a general-purpose, multiprogrammed environment.

There are many parallel operating systems out there and they could be surveyed to attempt to identify similarities between them. Exokernels dramatically depart from this previous work. By treating a network of nodes as a single shared memory machine, using distributed virtual shared memory DVSM techniques, Angel addresses both the needs for improved performance and provided a more portable and useful platform for our applications.

Heterogeneous networks involve processors with different computing power, different memory capacity, or they have different communication links. The elements of a model could be: Such detailed information is not readily available for commercial software packages.

By researching these subjects, you could gain a greater understanding of firewalls and security issues related to the Internet.

Topic 23 Research and write a term paper on an investigation into current encryption methods used in distributed systems, including what the current methods of encryption are, their implementation, advantages, and disadvantages.

Embedded System Using RTOS

What alternatives are the latest proposed methods for this connection that will still allow an open architecture? How do they diffuse and balance the load? Topic 13 Research and write a term paper on Paramecium.i Abstract This document is an analysis and functional decomposition of FreeRTOS version FreeRTOS is a real-time, preemptive operating system targeting embedded devices.

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II. STUDY AND COMPARISON OF EXISTING RTOS ES FOR SMALL MICROCONTROLLERS The objective here is to investigate RTOSes available (open-source, commercial, and research) and determine those that are suitable for small microcontrollers only.

X-Ware IoT Platform powered by ThreadX RTOS (real-time operating system) the world’s most widely deployed RTOS. X-Ware IoT Platform is the Industrial Grade solution for deeply embedded IoT devices based on THREADX RTOS, FILEX embedded file system, GUIX embedded GUI, NETX, NETX DUO embedded TCP/IP, & USBX embedded USB.

RTOS Tasks, Priorities and Analysis. by Terri Hawker, Vice President Product Management KINGSTAR Posted 03/22/ The use of Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is increasingly common in embedded software designs, as an RTOS makes it easy to divide your code into smaller blocks, tasks, which execute seemingly in parallel and independent of each other.

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Rtos research papers
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