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The biggest contradiction was that Bianchi and Dr. How to Write a Summary of an Article? A concerning question is: These characteristics were fundamental in determining problematic cell phone use.

And regardless of who pays, what type of plan does the teen have? Does the user have unlimited minutes to talk or the ability to share minutes? Clearly more research has to be done to answer this question.

That is why other psychologists have begun to perform studies focusing on adolescents. Each of these variations can influence how teens and adults use their mobile phones. A Growing Concern With the advancement of modern technology and in particular mobile technology it is no wonder that cell phones and their popularity are on the rise.

Problematic Use of the Mobile Phone: A Literature Review and a Pathways Model

The scale developed was designed to help with implementing any interventions for potential addictive behavior. Which means people can bring it and can communicate anywhere at anytime.

If adolescents and young adults are more susceptible to cell phone addiction, what are the long term repercussions? Local [ Celdran, ] declared that The characteristics of connectivity, speed, cost effectiveness, mobility and confidentiality of text messaging and its adaptability to Filipino culture has made SMS the most popular form of private communication technology in the country.

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies about Mobile Phone Foreign According to [ Miller, ], a mobile phone is a wireless electronic device used for telephone and multimedia communications. Their study results continue to say that the Internet does pose addiction potential but that cell phones do not because their use does not promote rapid emotional changes.

A study by Adriana Bianchi and Dr. If cell phones are not addictive, do they cause abusive disorders? Again, the question at hand is, are cell phones addictive? It is because of this that many experts in psychology have begun to study the effects of cell phones on our society.

What interventions should be administered against this possible addiction? Retrieved March 10,from Pew Internet: Jenna Langer, ] said that men prefer to use communication to gain social status and use their social networks in a task-oriented manner 2. This scale was compared to the Addiction Potential Scale.

Face-to-face communication differences between genders and has been shown to cross over into e-mail and computer-mediated communication makes women communicate more thoroughly because of the lack of nonverbal cues. Bibliography Teens and Mobile Phones. This study found that gender, texting, monthly charges, impulsiveness, recreational reasons and cultural reasons were all influential to cell phone addiction.

A shared family plan, an individual plan with a contract, or a contract-less pre-paid phone? The behavioral predictors that influenced the amount of cell phone usage were: Hyun Young Koo and Hyun Sook Park study of adolescents, in which students were asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding their cell phone use.

Again we see a different point of view to Bianchi and Dr. Additional things that should be considered from the existing research criteria, such as age and gender are: What preventative measures should be taken against it? Retrieved March 10,from http: Gender Differences in Text Message Content.

It is perhaps because of their ease of use and their ability to facilitate other applications. Hopefully in the not to distant future these pending questions will be answered. Oberst say that cell phones can be used in a maladaptive way however this should be considered abuse and not addiction.

Age was a key factor in predicting problematic cell phone use.Literature Review On Mobile Apps Information Technology Essay. Print Reference this.

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies about Mobile Phone

Published: 23rd March, Mobile phone is the most convenient device to deliver mobile Apps, particularly for emerging because of it is a daily used device. the quality of infrastructure/system requirements is deeply related to the quality of mobile Apps.

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies about Mobile Phone Foreign According to [ (Miller, ) ], a mobile phone is a wireless electronic device used. Therefore, the aim of this chapter is to review the literature on mobile phone related work.

In other words, in this chapter, the studies which have been undertaken by various researchers in India and abroad in relation to mobile phone and mobile banking have been reviewed.

The Chapter is divided as under. Problematic Use of the Mobile Phone: A Literature Review and a Pathways Model Problematic use of the mobile phone is considered as an inability to regulate one’s use of the mobile phone.

Related titles. literature review. Oppo Case Study. Questionnaire. Project_Report on OPPO. Mobile Phone Industry: Documents Similar To literature review mobile phones. literature review.

Uploaded by. api Oppo Case Study. Uploaded by. Payal Kacha.5/5(1). Related Literature Of Mobile Phones In The Philippines. Mobile phone industry started to emerge in the Philippines during the ’s. Before the 90s, telecommunications was a business for only fixed line operators which majority is owned by PLDT.

Majority of mobile communications then rely on unsecured frequency-band walkie talkies. A little later, mobile phones the size of a one-liter.

Related literature of mobile phone
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