Nuclear decommissioning authority business plan

It has concluded that "the overall direction of travel for the draft Strategy is correct. Ongoing performance tracking of the Sellafi eld Performance Plan Ongoing tracking of delivery against the Sellafi eld capability improvements programme, the Excellence Plan.

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Business Plan 2018 to 2021

Information Assurance Maturity Model - progression of delivery of enabling activities. However the recent decision for model change at Sellafield has highlighted the importance of providing an agile response to changing Strategy in support of our SLCs," the NDA said.

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Sites will be declassifed as nuclear licensed sites. Continue with the capability improvements programme Excellence Plan. Continue reactor defuelling in line with MOP9.

Strategy agreed for ponds Interim End State entry. This is demonstrated by reducing the UK civil nuclear liabilities and the risks associated with high hazards by progressively mitigating hazards and ensuring radioactive waste continues to be put into a passively safe form.

Under the new arrangements, Sellafi eld Ltd will acquire a strategic partner from the private sector to assist in its delivery rather than operate under the temporary ownership of a PBO.

To achieve this we will include optimised income from electricity generation, leasing property and selling land or other assets in response to market interest.

SGHWR development of the detailed design to remove the reactor core. Defuelling - Reactors, cooling ponds and fuel cells containing fuel are emptied and the fuel is transferred off-site for reprocessing. Any enquiries related to this publication should be sent to us at: Work with consigning SLCs to improve waste forecasts and inventory.

Implementing geological disposal of higher activity radioactive waste

Prototype Fast Reactor raffi nate immobilisation complete. We have provided suppliers with access to even more information e. Ponds drained and stabilised. Decommissioning and demolition activities in preparation for entry into Care and Maintenance.

NM Continue working with regulators and government to determine institutional controls appropriate to restoration of nuclear sites. Continuation of the programme for the transfer of nuclear materials and contact-handled ILW. Continue to support the development of government policy for the management of nuclear materials and provide advice to government.

During the past decade we have led the complete restructuring of the UK civil decommissioning programme and the introduction of a decommissioning mindset to much of our estate. Continue land remediation projects such as East Side Curtilage.

However, the NDA cannot guarantee that the images shown will always be current, accurate or complete and does not warrant or endorse the accuracy or completeness of the images. Complete bulk asbestos removal from third and fourth reactor buildings.The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: progress with reducing risk at Sellafield It is sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (the Department).

UK Government Investments (UKGI) oversees the NDA’s governance and performance on behalf of the Department. The safety and. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Business Plan Financial year beginning April to fi nancial year ending March March Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Draft Business Plan – 5 Introduction to the Consultation How to Respond In this consultation, the NDA wants to hear from members of the public, nuclear regulators, employees within.

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Providing Planning Support to internal projects and developing the business plan for the organisation.

Responsible for development of the latest issue of the Scheduling Project Control Procedure for the Site Licence Companies to follow, it’s intention being to gather the SLC’s information to build a. NDA Business Plan to Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Business Plan Financial year beginning April to fi nancial year ending March The UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has unveiled its draft Strategy and Business Plan for for formal consultation.

The documents, published yesterday, reflect the NDA's five-year budget as determined through the government's Spending Review set .

Nuclear decommissioning authority business plan
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