My virtual life report

Harry had a normal birth. If he messes up, you say, "Too bad, I hope you get the treat next time. He usually gets over it quickly after you leave Harry is taking a two hour nap every day, and sleeping six or more hours at a time at night.

You stay by his side until he appears to be comfortable, then slowly step back little by little. The overcontrolled category refers to a child who is cooperative, and follows the rules, but is shy in social situations and anxious and clingy under pressure.

How do you handle the situation? Harry is no longer having problems behaving poorly in restaurants.

Harry is toilet trained now, and rarely has any accidents. When you got to hold Harry in the delivery room, you were amazed that you and your partner had brought this new being into existence.

He scored about average in language comprehension and production. You play along with the game if he wants you to, but follow his cues about what to say. He is in the average range in copying shapes with a pencil, working with picture puzzles and constructing things out of blocks.

Harry just turned 15 months of age, and you notice he often studies things in his environment and performs simple little "experiments" with them, almost like a little scientist.

For example, suppose you have a very active child, and you are trying to promote exploration and learning. You have been working outside the home full-time since Harry was 3 months old and Harry has been at a high-quality daycare center.

Harry is one of the most active children in his preschool class, and loves to ride his bike around and around the block. You feel that is what Harry needs to break away from a single attachment with you. Your partner lost his job about a month ago, and you are both feeling financially distressed.

You were talking to another parent at the park when you suddenly heard Harry crying in pain and lying on the sand. You try to do this out of earshot of Harry, but you notice that he has become more fussy and attention-demanding.

This will increase if you choose to breast feed, but it will die off gradually if you do not.

The parenting questionnaire scores indicate you are currently more disciplined than average with Harry. If he does well, you give a small treat at the end. The specialist advised you to seek out more group experiences for Harry. Harry is cautious around new people and situations, but warms up fairly quickly to friendly people and to new and interesting activities and then begins to vocalize a lot and make eye contact.

Parents desiring to encourage growth in their child should introduce moderately novel activities and experiences, because children are more likely to pay attention to and profit from such experiences. Harry became somewhat hesitant when challenging problems were presented, became a bit whiny, and needed a fair amount of encouragement before he could complete the tasks.

My Virtual Life Report

At 19 Months Harry is able to imitate actions or words that he has seen or heard days before. You are relieved, and you begin to fade out the rewards that you gave Harry for good behavior in restaurants, but make sure to remind him of the rules and to praise good behavior.

Harry now seems to have a good idea of how familiar things happen, such as baths and restaurant visits. Harry is able to imitate new words and actions now, so you focus on: The lies are pretty lame e.

The specialist noted that Harry seemed insecure and uncertain about your attentions, and tended to cling too much and to be hard to soothe when upset. Occasionally Harry is fully awake in the middle of the night and wants to hang out and play with you. For example, this has been happening with coloring.

Highly aggressive children may be quite resistant to parental demands and throw tantrums or even lash out at the parent or other children.My Virtual Life.

My Virtual life is a GTA like game that is to be programmed in It won't be ready until i learn how to use 3d graphics in vb, but that.

Set 1: 9 months-ATTACHMENT Attachment is defined as the positive emotional bond that develops between a child and a particular individual. Of the four major patterns of attachment (secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized-disoriented), I would consider Blair securely attached. My Virtual Life Report Essay Words | 4 Pages.

Set 1: 9 months-ATTACHMENT Attachment is defined as the positive emotional bond that develops between a child and a particular individual. The Good life can be interpreted in many ways by various people. It is pondered by every individual and can be discussed and analyzed in different ways.

Virtual Child Reports; Virtual Child Reports 0 Months old Harry had a normal birth. Labor was about ten hours long, and you gave birth naturally. This is her report: My name is Jill and I created this blog to show my learning and experience based on the My Virtual Child assignment.

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My virtual life report
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