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The name of the school is written on the front building. There is a mini fishpond and a herb garden. There is also a hostel in our school campus. My school is four storey building having classes for nursery to 12th class students. I love and respect my school.

Short Essay for Kids on My School

Get latest essays and stories via Email. My school has lots of facilities such as one computer lab, two science labs, one big library, one common reading room, one big playground, one nice stage and one stationary shop.

This make our school became famous. I like to go school daily.

My School Essay – An English Essay on My School for Kids

The head mistress is a learned women. This school attract people from distant to study here is because the facilities are complete and the discipline here are very strict. My school follows CBSE board norms.

My School Essay 2 words My school is My school small essay excellent having red colour three storey building. My school has three basketball courts, two indoor, and one outdoor so that we can play regardless of the weather. My teacher teaches us very politely and makes us learn subjects in very creative and attractive ways.

This school has given me very good friends. Positive Affirmations Essay On: In our school special attention is paid to behavior, cleanliness, and punctuality. Our school time is very interesting and enjoyable as we do lots of creative and practical works daily. Our class teacher teaches us to maintain discipline of the school and keeps the school compound clean and tidy.

We have two types of the uniform, one common uniform and other house uniform. Motivate your children for essay writing using following easy and simple My School essay. The study norms of my school are very creative and innovative which helps us in understanding any tough matters very easily. My School Essay 6 words My school is very grand having three storeys impressively structured building and located in the centre of city.

First of all in the early morning, we pray to God for our better study and say good morning to our class teacher.

My School Essay 1 words My school is very good having four storey building. Besides that, the school has a science lab for students to conduct experiments, a library, a canteen and six outdoor badminton courts.

My School Essay

This has made our school become famous. Every classes have about 40 students. BrooklynnBridge Without school we will never able write even a word.

We hear and learn many things about the great teacher Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on the said day from our teachers. Our classrooms My school small essay very airy and lit. I like my school very much and I am proud that I belong to it. My school ranks first in any programme like inter-school cultural pursuits and sports activities.

It is a Malay government school in Malaysia. We have to wear white or cream cotton shirts, light-blue trousers, black shoes and white socks. They tell us about cleanliness, hygiene and proper healthy diet. All teacher are highly trained and experience. Furthermore, the school has one hectare field, so there are always pupils playing football during sport period and after school.

They are Ramen, Peter and Suleman. There are many subjects and languages such as Malay, English and Chinese. In games period we play football, volley ball, etc. There are ten class rooms in the front building. It is called a temple of knowledge. It is an ideal school in every state.My school has a small green garden, in front of the head office, full of colourful flowers and decorative plants which enhance the beauty of the entire school complex.

Around students have taken admission in my school. An Essay/Speech About my school: Kids can use this as an model essay and write their own essay or kids can use this as speech. As we enter the school, there is a playground to our left and a small garden to our right. When we enter the building, the Principal’s room and the office room are to the left and the staff room to the right side.

Feb 25,  · A school is where people learn and study. Without school we will never able write even a word. My school's name smk bu (3). It is a Malay government school in Malaysia. My school environment is clean to let students study comfortably. There are 4 blocks of building in my school. Each building.

Essay On My School: School is temple of we can ern and get trained. Where we can earn how to live our social life. My school was established in it is the branch of bvb group. Words Short Essay on My School It is surrounded by a play ground on one side and a garden with a small pond on the other.

The school has two rows of big buildings. The name of the school is written on the front building. There are. Short Essay for Kids on My School There is a small park at the back. During the Tiffin hour, the children go there to play.

The school compound is fairly large. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate.

My school small essay
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