My passion i have for cooking

I published several papers in International scientific journals. You can find my personal selections of daily and healthy recipes in my favorite recipes.

Let the steak rest for a few minutes before serving. For me food is not only nourishing but also comforting, loving, fun, pleasurable, stimulating and well-being.

Thaw the steaks half an hour before cooking time and leave it to room temperature. Its been to cook the steaks rare to medium rare. Heat the pan to moderate heat as the meat is very delicate and the fats melt very fast. I teach in English or Italian, using both metric and imperial measurements.

The stories, the food, the photographs, all reflect the way I live here in Italy, as an Italian. Hi, my name is Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn.

Please press the follow button on the right bottom corner of any page. Contact me without hesitating if you require any kind of help. If you are interested, or someone you know is, please contact me directly see cooking classes. When I was a little girl I loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess but learning delicious traditional Italian recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.

The texture of Kobe beef is soft and tender and both the fat and the meat are extremely flavorful. Diet provides you with modernized versions of healthy Italian dishes to help you lose weight while still feeling full and satisfied.

Should be done within 3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness. Cooking has always been my passion. Check out this link for different style of preparing beef.

Remember over cooking the steak will change not only the tender texture but also take away the unique flavour that the prized Kobe style beef. I lived abroad for nearly a decade, first in London, Brussels, then in Innsbruck.

I collaborate with Lusso e Gusto, a delicious gastronomic journey to Northern Italy. Just pepper the meat before cooking and only add salt after cooking. Last, but not least, for both lovers of Italian food and the merely curious, I offer fun and informal lessons about Italian cuisine and culture.

The bright white fat marbled throughout makes a stark contrast to the deep and vibrant red of the muscle. My food is simple, tasty and nutritious. Allow the heat slowly get into the meat. Add a little oil to the steaks, grill the meat on both sides to a good colour and take the meat off from the direct heat.

Cooking, eating healthy food and staying active have always been my life-long passion and — indeed — way of life. Kobe steak can be cooked the same manner as a regular steak and is especially good on the griller. Today, I am still that same little girl playing in the kitchen; I like to experiment with different tastes and textures, tingeing from the Italian culinary culture to create my own personal recipes.

I have previously published in Italy, Love is Eatinga book about Italian culinary culture. I personally do the shopping and the cooking of the recipes, as well as the scientific, culinary and cultural research.

Posted on December 27, by flofoodventure Preparing Kobe steaks at home is cheaper. However, I try to remain faithful to the authentic Italian traditions, flavors, and ingredients. Based on an improved version of the classic Mediterranean diet, the Mamma Mia!My passion for cooking has only grown over the years.

After working 8–9 hours during the week I’ll often come home and spend 2–3 hours preparing dinner just because it’s fun and relaxing.

How I Turned My Passion for Food Into a Career: 5 Pros Share Their Stories

So yeah. Nov 20,  · There is a opportunity for me to cook with chefs and I need to write a letter explaining my passion for cooking. Here is my answer: From a young age I have had a passion for cooking and Resolved. Cooking has always been my passion.

When I was a little girl I loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess but learning delicious traditional Italian recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh.

The passion of cooking

Passion cook Cooking is my passion, and i have a huge number of recipes, that i want to share. Toggle Sidebar.

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April 15, Caipirinha! Brazilian Cocktail! In a nutshell, AnotherFoodBlogger is about me, my life in the kitchen, my love & passion for food and about how food features in my life.

It’s about what I am cooking right now, what and where I have eaten and how those experiences have inspired me. I wouldn't take that risk if I didn't have a passion for cooking. I posted some meals I prepared on facebook and someone commented that I copied the pictures because I couldn't have prepared them.

I simply asked her to go through my profile for more delicacies, hahahaha! There was no point trying to argue with her.

My passion i have for cooking
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