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There must be some benefit for them by following the rules of them. Commentators now consider Milton a shaping influence during the Commonwealth period in matters concerning religious appointment, education, and the limits of government.

We support our political leaders blindly to find a better way for our country or society but they might mislead us like Satan is misleading Belzebub and other fallen angles.

Criticism on Milton's Paradise Lost

Some critics find Satan is a great leader who supports his comrades as a great military leader, but from my point of view I find Satan is not a great leader because he has fallen from heaven with his follower angels and never ever tries to make them feel that they must follow the rules of god instead of fighting against god.

Here, drawing no doubt on his own experience as a student and teacher, Milton petitioned for the creation of an elite class through the careful instruction of boys in small regional academies. In at the age of 33 Milton married Mary Powell, the year-old daughter of family friend indebted to his father.

An early proponent of individual rights, Milton promoted such causes Lost miltons papers paradise research freedom of the press against government censorship, the right of the people to overthrow tyrannical rulers, and the right to seek marital divorce on the grounds of incompatibility.

Milton also published in the same year his controversial Eikonklastesa harsh indictment of Charles I in response to the publication of the Eikon Basilike, the emotionally charged posthumously published ghost-written prison memoirs of Charles I which portrayed the executed king as a saint and martyr.

A staunch Puritan who feared the tyranny of episcopacy, Milton sought to insure definite boundaries between church and state. English poet, essayist, dramatist, and historian See also, Paradise Lost Criticism. In Milton began fifteen months of travel, going first to Paris where he was introduced to Hugo Grotius, the famed Dutch jurist, and then to Florence where he met Galileo, under house arrest for his scientific writings which were at odds with Roman Catholic Church doctrine.

A good leader should show the right path. His most important work in this field is A Treatise of Christian Doctrinemostly completed byin which he surveys the emergence of institutionalized Christianity and comments on major tenets of Christian belief.

The Crown was attempting to reign in Puritan dissidents. With the execution of Charles I inMilton published The Tenure of Kings and Magistratesan assertion of the right of the people to depose or execute a ruling tyrant.

I find it interesting and pretty much similar to our His second wife, Katherine Woodcock, whom he wed indied sixteen months after their marriage. As a noted defender of the regicides, he was under arrest for a brief period, but the intercession of friends in better standing with the Crown, notably the poet Andrew Marvell, spared him serious peril.

When Charles I was executed in and Cromwell assumed power, Milton actively entered the political fray, enlisting in the service of the new government as the Latin secretary for foreign affairs.

Milton also wrote studies not prompted by strictly political or religious concerns. Contentious in his day, during which he was principal propagandist of the ruling Protectorate exablished by Oliver Cromwell, Milton also became known as the supreme champion in England of the then-embryonic concept of political self-determination.

God is the creator of the whole world as well as angels and humans. This work outlines his Puritan faith that Scripture, guided by human reason, was the key to salvation.

Freewill is a very important word in Christianity as well as bible, for which all the things are happening one by one gradually.

Milton became increasingly preoccupied with civic thought, writing numerous political essays and pamphlets. Around this time Milton also published The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce in which he argued that incompatibility was a valid reason for divorce.

Milton is also recognized as a major figure in the history of ideas, one whose thoughts on self-determination and unlicensed printing touched later generations and helped form opinion in Britain and abroad.

This view constituted a complete about-face for Milton, who had written as a good monarchist in his early antiprelactical tracts. So, giving respect to the creator is not shameful at all.View Paradise Lost Research Papers on ultimedescente.com for free.

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