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Indeed, how could he have forgotten! Yet, there he was standing there, wearing his clothes! Gu Site did not react to either of their words, instead staring dazedly at Zhou Weiqing. When Gu Site had realised he had been tricked, the fury in his heart was burning to an unbelievable point.

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Being able to stay alive was already a testament to how powerful his body and cultivation was. What is your status, your power? Was that brat really six-Jewels? Zhou Weiqing said softly: Have you gone stupid being the King of the WanShou Empire?

That was truly the way to describe Xue AoTian. His right hand hung limp at his side, looking like the bones within had been totally shattered.

What did I tell you previously? Before long, the Tiger King had brought the Lion King back. Behind his own back, a similar glow of his own illusory figure flashed. The next moment, a bout of light followed suit into the freshly opened hole. Subconsciously, his head snapped to where his precious disciple had been.

No matter what calculations and expectations Long Shiya had, he had never imagined that Gu Site would actually break the rules of the competition just like that, resuming his Heavenly Emperor Stage cultivation level and using his Personal Core Flame to destroy Zhou Weiqing.

With that unique Skill, even if the Lion King was not using a Fire Attribute attack, Zhou Weiqing still had some confidence that he could at least survive it, if barely.

He had never imagined that the Lion King Gu Site would actually disregard his own pride and status to do something so shameless as to attack Zhou Weiqing with full power. A clumsy literal translation! Why is this happening?

Chapter Little Fatty vs Lion King! Long Shiya almost slapped himself silly. In that instant, there had been zero chance for him to dodge the blow.

Xue AoTian looked at the Lion King coldly and gave a cold humph. This time, even if he did not die, he would definitely be severely injured. Originally, the exit which housed the large number of Heavenly Beasts had constant sounds of heavy breathing, but it was instantly silenced.

Even if he could keep the arm, it was not going to be a simple matter to heal it. How old is Zhou Weiqing? His entire set of Consolidated Equipment had all disappeared, but he seemed totally unharmed.

Gu Site had actually been smashed by the hammer right through the Heavenly Snow Mountain and back outside! Yingbing, you escort your father back.

At the same time, his chest area had clearly sunk in, and his face was ashen. Not only was it a massive drain, it would seriously damage his life force and vitality. Although he did not like the Lion King, and did not get along well with him, he could not just sit back and watch the King of the WanShou Empire get slaughtered by the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor!

Only after he was certain that Zhou Weiqing was totally alright did he heave a sigh of relief. Let alone Zhou Weiqing with a mere six-Jeweled cultivation level, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would evaporate from such an attack, an instant death indeed.

Raising the hammer in his hands, he said coldly: There were three powerhouses here on the side, including himself, and if the Entropic Nether Tiger was willing to help out, they might even be able to kill Long Shiya as well.

How could this be!? Fans moshed violently, broke down fences, and fought back against police forces attempting to pacify them; some lit fireworks and aimed them into the crowd, and when the sound was ultimately cut off, fans continued singing their songs. You even dare bully a mere junior.

Blood seeped out of all his seven orifices, and his eyes were clearly dim. You can get lost now.Chapter Little Fatty vs Lion King! (3) Indeed, Long Shiya had almost gone crazy.

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King 180 write about us
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