Hr receptionist annual performance review

He is available for consultation, training and keynote speaking on performance and management at work. Require her to keep her desktop neat and her computer monitor facing away from visitors.

Set procedures for accepting and signing for packages, which is important not only from an efficiency standpoint, but also to improve safety and reduce liability.

This is used during the "performance review". Self-Appraisal Employees should complete the self-assessment section of the performance appraisal form and submit to their supervisor who will complete the performance appraisal. He is an internationally traveled sport science writer and lecturer.

Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal During the review period, you may want to: The performance appraisal process fosters professional development and career growth, determines merit increases, and meets internal and external demands for documentation of individual performance.

Many receptionists perform simple billing, manage inventory, sort and deliver mail, update websites, handle database entry and correspondence, send emails from a catchall account to the appropriate departments and keep attendance records.

SImple yes or no. Your goals might fall into one or more of the following categories: A receptionist often handles deliveries, processes the mail, places outbound calls for managers and handles solicitors. At UC Riverside, we have a consistent philosophy for recognizing and rewarding non-represented employees with a merit-based salary program.

Priority Both tasks here are top priority.

Key Performance Objectives of a Receptionist

The self-appraisal also assists you in planning professional and career development activities, and in recognizing your accomplishments or changes in your assigned duties that have occurred during the review period. She can be constructive in improving company morale or be destructive by spreading rumors and gossip.

The receptionist had difficulty meeting the standards in Column 2 but only during lunch breaks. Periodically solicit feedback from your supervisor regarding your performance.

Prepare documentation to be used in the performance appraisal process, such as the self-appraisal. Review your position description and previous performance appraisals.

An analysis of your organization chart and a detailed job description will help you get the most out of your receptionist position. Provide Efficient Trafficking When visitors arrive and people phone, a receptionist should not have to guess or research where your staff is located. Assigning priority is to help staff allocate their time and balance demands, so if everything is top priority it gets useless.

In this case, during the year, a barrier to performance was identified. It is intended as a means of measuring and enhancing individual and institutional performance.

Train your receptionist to know exactly what the company does, including basic product or service knowledge so she understands who the key contacts are and where to direct inquiries. This information is designed to assist you in preparing for your performance appraisal.

Having identified the barrier together, the manager realized he could and had to remove that barrier, and wrote down his commitment to do so, by setting up better coverage during the lunch break.

Tracking your projects throughout the year Recording your goals and related accomplishments Seeking educational opportunities that relate to your goals and the essential functions of your position Getting Started The annual employee review is an important part of performance management and employee development.

Train her so that she is familiar with your personnel and their positions, including the correct pronunciations of any uncommon names. Familiarize your receptionist with key customers and vendors so that she can make them feel important and valued by remembering their names, knowing their companies and understanding what they make or sell.

At UC Riverside, we believe a merit-based salary program will help us incentivize and reward exceptional performance, and attract and retain the best employees. Once you have come to agreement on your goals for the year, include them in the Goal Agreement Form.

Often the cost of measuring is too high, and actually gets in the way of job performance.The same is true of your annual performance review from your employer.

Even if you are confident you are doing a good job, it may still stress you out. After all, it can determine the future of your job. During the performance review at the end of the year, or at any time during the year, when manager and employee communicate about how things are going, notes can be made.

In this case, during the year, a barrier to performance was identified. Annual Performance Review Employee Name Cathy Smith Title HR Receptionist Date of Review Period Supervisor Name JeVona Maniex Department Human Resource Exceeds Expectations = 5 [employee has exceeded objective, time and quality] More Than Satisfactory = 4 [employee has slightly exceeded either time and/or quality].

PERFORMANCE REVIEW BEHAVIOR EXAMPLES FOR CORE COMPETENCIES For example, a maintenance worker’s performance would not necessarily be measured in the same way as a receptionist’s.

Additionally, senior level positions would be held.  Performance Management Plan Phase One: “Performance management is a series of activities designed to ensure that the organization gets the performance it needs from its employees,” according to the Mathis text ().

A small business receptionist does much more than greet visitors to your office or direct incoming phone calls. A receptionist often handles deliveries, processes the .

Hr receptionist annual performance review
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