Goodnight mr tom chapter breakdown

Zach said goodbye to everyone and that he would see them again. Tom soon discovers William has been a victim of child abuse and greatly needs his love and care.

Goodnight, Mister Tom

Therefore Tom goes to see if he got any clothing from his mother. Zach helps Willie to finish the shelter in Toms garden. This made me extremely sad for Willie.

Reading Experience This is my favourite chapter so far because of all the small and all the big changes that happens in the text. I liked the drama and all the new additions to the story in the last minute. When news finally does come in, it is bleak.

Good Night, Mr. Tom Summary & Study Guide

Tom has become more social with the other villagers and more and more people start seeing him as a kinder man instead of seeing him as a grumpy old man. There are too many words for a text with so little content.

I thought that the characters were neatly presented in a slow fashion but it created a nice picture of the starting of a big social web in such a small village.

They are rushed to the hospital because of the severe condition that they were found in. Britain is on the brink of war when young William Beech is sent to live with Tom Oakley in the village of Little Weirwold. This chapter is set in Little Weirwold; the little village to where Willie was evacuated.

After all the chaos in the earlier chapters this is just perfect.

Good Night, Mr Tom

Tom fixes food for Willie and tries to make him feel like home. Geoffrey tells Willie about his friend who died, Geoffrey was also very sad until he one day thought that his friend was living through him. It was a nice and short chapter I like that Tom is being very kind to Willie and even brings his best friend.

I have got over the terrifying part with all the abuse in the last chapter log. When he goes to open it a lady and many children are standing on his doorstep. George Fletcher, sisters Carrie and Ginnie, and Zach, a fellow evacuee.

Together they go to school while Tom goes back home with Sammy. Willie is very happy to finally be going in his friends class, and to be able to read and write just like them.

Good Night, Mr. Tom - Chapter 10-12 Summary & Analysis

This is a major breakthrough for Tom since his wife and son died he has lived in a bubble but now he popped the bubble. They visit a nice sunny place and they have lots of fun.

This section contains words approx. He had been in an area during a bomb attack.Middle School / English / Goodnight, Mister Tom “London is poised on the brink of World War Timid, scrawny Willie Beech — the abused child of a single mother — is evacuated to the English countryside.

Goodnight Mr Tom Chapter Breakdown Words | 9 Pages. Chapter 2, "Little Weirwold" Summary This chapter begins with Mr. Tom continuing to explain the dog to Willie. The old man shows the boy how to make friends with the dog and how to help gain its trust.


Mr. Goodnight Mister Tom Goodnight Mr Tom is a novel by Michelle Magorian. It follows a young boy, William Beech, who is evacuated from London during the blitz of World War 2, and put into the car of Tom Oakley, an elderly recluse.

Mar 19,  · Goodnight Mister Tom Chapter 1 Comprehension. This Goodnight Mister Tom Chapter 1 Comprehension has differentiated questions and activities to be used in a Whole Class Reading session based on the first chapter of the popular novel by Michelle Magorian.3/5(2). This Study Guide consists of approximately 24 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Good Night, Mr.

Tom. In chapter 17, how does Mr. Tom get Will back home? Mr. Tom kidnaps Will from the hospital, they take a train to Skytron and hitch hikes 3 different times to get closer to Little WeirWold, than they walk 5 miles and finally return home.

Goodnight mr tom chapter breakdown
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