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Identify TWO factors that influence development. Caribbean women during this period were not considered feminine, so when did all this change and how did Caribbean women become constrained to the norm of an ideal women?

In the Caribbean young men have shown a dereliction higher education. List TWO indicators of development. However, the discussion around the scenario below will help you to gauge how effectively you understood the two concepts. What is acknowledged as surface or manifest and what is deemed hidden or latent, often highlight which value positions groups or individuals want to reveal or conceal.

Describe TWO problems that may arise in Caribbean society because of hybridization. In the society women have continued to be seen inferior to men, regardless of the shift they make in their gender roles.

If we use the valuing of white Western culture as an example, we can show how peer group approval may be instrumental in some individuals continuing to show a preference for North American designer clothing and music, as well as the shared understanding that other places could not be as interesting to visit as metropolitan countries.

But, how do values come about?

Caribbean Studies

Despite the fact the Caribbean society is dominated by mostly by matrifocal household, it still continue to operate has a patriarchal way, R. Caribbean women have been known to be passive person and have been known to drift away from the European and traditions that were brought to the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is dominated my matrifocal households, where females are both providers and nurturers.

Norms are fashioned from the underlying values that a culture holds as important, while our values are shaped a great deal by the historical and geographical framework within which our society and culture developed.

While that notion is yet to become political reality, there is a commonality of culture across the islands of the Caribbean that links these societies in very fundamental ways. According to Verene Shepherd, in the Caribbean there is a gender gap within education and states that most males do not progress pass primary school while most females progress all the way to university pg.

These newly found duties are coupled with their own traditional roles as mother, nurturers and care. You should note that several values can stem from any one of the above factors.

The Caribbean has long been considered a politically, culturally, and linguistically fragmented region, giving it a uniquely diverse and varied background.

The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean sea, its islands most of which enclose the sea and the surrounding coasts. Manifest functions, on the other hand, refer to the anticipated, open or stated goals of an act.

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A main thrust in the writing of Spanish-speaking authors in particular is the need to articulate their awareness of the continued existence of inequality in society, and they often use colonial stereotypes in their writing to highlight this awareness. Up to now we have learned that our behaviours tend to be largely influenced by the rewards and sanctions associated with norms.Study guide for caribbean studies CARIBBEAN STUDIES TABLE OF CONTENTS More Essay Examples on Caribbean Community Rubric.

Pages. 1. Society, Culture and the Individual. Give brief explanatory notes on THREE historical factors that you believe have shaped values reflected in Caribbean society and culture today.

11. Essays and criticism on Caribbean Literature - Critical Essays. Overviews And General Studies on authors and works of Caribbean literature. The Caribbean has long been considered a. Caribbean Studies notes Module 1 Caribbean society and culture Location of the Caribbean Greater Antilles: Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican.

Essays; Caribbean Studies; Caribbean Studies. 8 August Education; Gender; In the Caribbean there has been a drastic shift in the relationship between men and women. Men, who were traditionally seen to be the head of the household, now have their roles taken over by the women in Caribbean society.

Based on lecture notes by Maxine. No notes for slide. 1. Caribbean Studies module 1 Caribbean Society & Culture 2. Location and definition of the Caribbean region Geographic location Names of territories Sub-regions: Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, western Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, The Bahamas Position of the Caribbean in relation to the Caribbean sea, Atlantic.

Caribbean Studies Notes

Caribbean Studies Essay; Caribbean Studies Essay. Words Apr 4th, 5 Pages.

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Show More. Account for the changing role that Race, Colour and Ethnic affiliation play in Caribbean Society and Culture Subject: Caribbean Studies .

Caribbean studies notes essay
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