Can ethical downsizing exist

These overburdened and burned out employees will bolt as soon as better job opportunities become available.

The Ethics of Downsizing

Business owners typically make the decision to downsize with much deliberation. Everyone is happy, right? If the answer is that the internal auditors have decided to go along with the accounting treatment because it has been sanctioned by top management and the board of directors, then the ultimate step to consider is whether to bring the matter to the attention of some outside authority i.

In summary, the responsibilities of good managers in making ethical decisions are: A meeting to explain the layoff and to address rumors or uncertainty can help put employees at ease, and prevent those you want to keep from seeking a more stable situation elsewhere.

Explaining the honest motives of the layoff and conveying general appreciation to the employee may help soften the Can ethical downsizing exist. Another argument is that downsizing protects the property rights of the shareholders in the company. They should be alerted if the company leadership plans to read email or if their internet usage will be tracked.

After all, they have not only lost their source of income, but quite likely most of their friends as well. Putting rules in place for employees but not following them yourself is an example of an ethical issue in the workplace. I believe that when a business has to downsize they need to have a plan well ahead of time and they need to implement the plan.

Causes of Employee Downsizing

Work with the employees who are left behind to reduce their workloads by putting off low-priority projects and finding ways to streamline the work that is left.

Position Paper Eleven Is downsizing ethical? This may seem counterintuitive on the surface, but some instances exist where this would be advantageous.

Ethical downsizing. Managers must focus on justice and human dignity.

If you disproportionately lay off a specific class of people, you are asking for a lawsuit. Affected employees should be informed in advance and given an honest explanation for the layoff.

It is to have the courage integrity to carry out an ethical decision with ethical action. Productivity Companies sometimes downsize their employee base to increase productivity.

How downsizing is handled says a lot about the nature of an organization and its leadership. Many may feel concern that their own jobs are in jeopardy. Value Downsizing the number of employees a company has generally signals that some restructuring and changes are underway.

Ask whether your decision harms one or more parties while benefitting others. First, be sure to follow the law and company policy including code of conduct provisions. When faced with an ethical dilemma and after going through the reasoning process I ask myself: What other options can you consider?

However, a company may also decide to downsize to increase productivity by replacing workers with sophisticated equipment that can do the same job. These solutions can cut costs while demonstrating to your employees that you are making an effort to keep them employed—especially if they see that the cuts affect everyone, high-level executives included.

Speak up on behalf of your employees. According to Orlando, there are arguments for the validity of downsizing. Understand how potential actions and decisions affect others 3. Travel Ethics Some businesses require both leadership and employees to travel on the company dime.

The same goes for minorities or any other protected class.

Is Downsizing Ethical?

At some point, however, a decision to downsize may be the ethical move because it protects the business and the remaining employees from failure.

Here are seven ways to inject downsizing ethics into your layoff process. Downsizing is typically done in cases where the company is making significant changes to either increase company value or eliminate excess costs.

Laid off employees should not be escorted off the property like criminals. If you feel that the layoffs are being conducted in an unethical manner, speak up.Downsizing is a common strategic human resources maneuver where an organization lays off multiple workers at once.

Small businesses don't often have as much propensity to downsize given their smaller workforce, but it does happen.

Common Types of Ethical Issues Within Organizations

When you do lay off workers, it is important to keep in mind ethical expectations of. Position Paper Eleven Is downsizing ethical? I wouldn't necessarily say that downsizing is ethical or unethical.

I think downsizing is sometimes necessary if it has to be done because every other option before downsizing was tried and did not work/5(1).

Ethical downsizing means treating employees both fairly and respectfully. Inject downsizing ethics into your layoff process to mitigate the emotional, financial, legal, and reputation damages that can result from downsizing.

Downsizing: The Ethical Perspective Authors: Ismaël SABERE Tutor: Professor Björn Bjerke a group of people get together and exist as an institution that we call a allowing the achievement of an effective and ethical downsizing.

It is indeed the objective of this last chapter. 8.

What Ethical Obligations Does an Organization Have When Downsizing?

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Package downsizing: Is it ethical? | Package downsizing is a practice where the package content is reduced without changing the package or the price of the product. How downsizing is handled says a lot about the nature of an organization and its leadership. Ethical downsizing is, first of all, a refusal to deny the complexity of the issues and evidence of the organization's commitment to justice and human dignity.

Can ethical downsizing exist
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