American express open small business saturday case study

They want to see lasting effects, and a campaign that has impact broadly, not just on a small subset of consumers. This is where things get tricky for marketers and most fail to effectively use content to fuel a sophisticated buyer funnel.

American Express has tried to find this balance so that it does not offend customers all while making it clear that its content is sponsored by the brand. The jury seemed hopeful that the campaign might do well in the design Lions. While this community feature was a large aspect of the program originally, a lot has changed in the social professional world since It has done well at the Clios and this past May won the top prize at the New York festivals.

The case study touted the fact that even U. Meanwhile, the direct jury awarded 15 gold Lions, 25 silver and 45 bronze. Entries were also up in the direct category.

Blur the sell Some brands use content marketing as a tactic for growing brand awareness or improving brand health. The campaign, in which AmEx invented a shopping holiday for American small businesses during the all-important Thanksgiving weekend -- a period that had previously only been a big event for national retailers and big-box stores -- was lauded for rallying both business owners and public officials, after U.

Amichay cautioned that honoring these platforms in a category open to any media -- from outdoor to TV to flat mail -- was not about buzz words, but new tools to engage people in better ways.

Ultimately, however, marketing needs to provide value to the business, which means generating revenue. Virtual events include livestreams, Twitter chats, webinars and Google Hangouts, while in-person events include everything from workshops to conferences to dinners and galas. OPEN Forum has found a way to do this through its events.

Case studies promoting product offering: Though maybe not as sexy as categories such as cyber and film, the promo and activation Lions have been steadily building interest among agencies and saw a significant spike in entries in Content around broad, shareable topics: Interestingly, for AmEx, the win a top award at Cannes comes as the marketer is currently conducting a creative review on its Open businessas Ad Age reported earlier this year.

Published on June 18, Congress later officially designated the Saturday after Thanksgiving "Small Business Saturday " for years to come. Social media was a big part of many of the top winners, however Mr. So many companies are trying to build a different dialog and relationship.

President Barack Obama participated in it, taking his daughters to a bookstore near the White House. He was joined by jurors from such countries as India, France, China and Japan.

American Express Small-Business Effort Wins First Two Grand Prix

The events directory allows members to choose between virtual events to attend remotely, and in-person events to attend in their area. AmEx launched "Small Business Saturday " in and last year at Cannes work for the campaign was shortlisted in a range of categories.

As LinkedIn gained popularity during the past five years or so, OPEN Forum decided to embrace and integrate with the social channel rather than resisting and competing against it.

This feature allows members who have interacted online to potentially connect in person at an industry event. Understand that business owners are consumers too Often times we see marketers get hung up on the difference between B2B and B2C marketing tactics.

Case Study: AmEx Small Business Saturday

They also took into account that AmEx and its agencies managed to convince consumers to spend money with local businesses owners as the economy is still recovering and many folks are still more cautious and tightfisted with their disposable income than they were several years ago.

The direct jury was chaired by Mr. The direct category is essentially about marketers building relationships, so the jury celebrated the effort for fostering relationships on so many fronts: In the end, it was the scale and sustained growth of the Small Business Saturday idea that put this one over the top.

American Express has learned that the only way to establish its authority on its subjects is to call in the experts. But what is it about this content marketing program that makes it so powerful and successful? The jury included two Americans: To help shoppers turn to smaller, Main Street businesses during the shopping rush ahead of the holiday season in the U.

The execution, for Austria Solar by agency ServicePlan in Munich, Germany, was a great example of engaging content that was totally on-brand since the ink would only show up to read the report if you took it out into the sun. Given that the category is about activating an idea so consumers will act on it, results and effectiveness were given a lot of weight in the judging process.

Over the past five years, the numbers of entries have more than doubled; in there were 1, High-value, gated content on niche topics: However, this strategy often leads to non-credible pieces of branded material.Aug 01,  · American Express OPEN Forum was created with the sole purpose of helping small businesses succeed.

This wasn’t because American Express decided to develop an altruistic mission. They were simply farsighted enough to see how the success of small businesses would, in turn, benefit them. American Express OPEN Forum was created with the sole purpose of helping small businesses succeed.

This wasn’t because American Express decided to develop an. Jul 26,  · Case study for CP&B Small Bus Saturday. Small business owners are using the materials and strategies from Small Business Saturday to bring in more local shoppers year-round. Because of how greatly this event benefits business owners, American Express has genuine year-round ambassadors for Shop Small Saturday.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Promote your business year-round. On Small Business Saturday ®, Nov 25, you can get help attracting even more customers with customizable marketing materials from the Shop Small ® Studio, compliments of American Express.

Jun 18,  · American Express' "Small Business Saturday" campaign by CP&B and Digitas nets the first two Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of .

American express open small business saturday case study
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