Acn acrylonitrile

Antiozonant are used create a barrier to protect the polymer chain. They also aid in the mixing Acn acrylonitrile the compound to incorporate all the ingredients in the formulation. These compounds are attacked by small amounts of Ozone. It is always the concern that the scorch time time the rubber compound begins to cure is not reduced so much that the operator cannot load the rubber charge into the mold fast enough to prevent defects.

Erucamide or oleamide are naturally derived fatty acids that bloom to the surface of a molded NBR compound to help reduce friction and give lubrication.

Plasticizers are often characterized by the polarity of the oil. Larger particle N gives lower physical properties, but better compression set. The rubber compound will typically stay more flexible at the lower temperature and allow to seal to respond to the change in pressure.

Amines and phenolic antioxidants help scavenge up free radicals that can cause polymer chains to break. Seal designers will then need to compensate for the larger volume swell that will be seen. In recent years there has been more concerns with the use of heavy metal oxide due to the effect on the environment.

In most cases application can perform very well with this range. Polymer Polymer selection is based on application. Use of Carboxylated Nitrile can have superior abrasion resistance, while still having improved oil resistance. Changing the levels of accelerators can improve compression set and speed the cure process so molded parts take less time in the mold.

Contact our engineers for assistance. Application for these polymers are rollers, conveyor belts, hose covers, and down hole seals. The process is controlled to create various particle sizes which gives varying levels of reinforcing properties in a rubber compound.

Speciality polymer can help improve compounds. Lower particle N, N give higher level of reinforcement to the polymer, thus providing higher physical properties. Trade off is typically give higher compression set for seal application.

Stemaco is an international distributor of raw materials to the rubber industry.

This gives the most versatile compound performance for oil swell and low temperature properties, figure 1.Sep 04,  · Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or Nitrile rubber is one of the most popular compounds for automotive applications. These vary by acrylonitrile (ACN) content, viscosity, chemistry, and supplier ("equivalent" grades usually are not) among other parameters.

On top of that, we will combine the base polymer (often two or more grades) with approximately 10 - 20 other ingredients (See example formula below.). Les copolymères butadiène-acrylonitrile, aussi appelés «caoutchoucs nitrile» (sigle NBR, en anglais: nitrile butadiene rubber), sont un type d’élastomère à usages spéciaux.

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Acn acrylonitrile
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