Academic writing using quotes on t-shirts

Licensing fees for quotes have no firm standards and are completely negotiable. For use of the NIV: For books, check the websites of the publisher and the author. If your use of Scripture does not fall within the Gratis Use Guidelines listed below, written permission is required and you will need to submit a formal request.

However, the copyright owner might say no, demand a licensing fee that is too high, or just not respond at all.

Is the Quote Copyright-Protected? The verses are not being quoted in a commentary or other biblical reference work. Once the copyright expires, the work falls into the public domain and you may quote or otherwise use it without permission. Contrary to myth, using fewer than words does not place you in a fair use safe harbor.

If you must draft your own request, give complete information about the material academic writing using quotes on t-shirts want to use and how you want to use it. If you need permission to quote lyrics, you can find the music publishers for many popular songs by searching the online song databases of ascapbmiharryfoxand sesac.

Use of charts, maps, illustrations, footnotes, study notes, reference material, and the like.

Scripture does not account for an entire book of the Bible. The verses quoted do not amount to a complete book of the Bible. Books, articles, songs, poems, and other textual works are protected by copyright law whether they are published or unpublished. If that happens, you can try to tailor your use so that it qualifies as a fair use.

The below applies to all Thomas Nelson Bible translations: Permission Requests — Outside of U. Amplified Bible, Classic Edition Works using Amplified Bible, Classic Edition quotations must include one of the following copyright notices whichever one is most appropriate: The internet is a useful tool for identifying and locating copyright owners.

Posted by Joy Butler at If an entire book of the Bible is being reproduced, regardless of verse count, written permission is required.

Zondervan is granting permission for the latest edition of the NIV text only currentlyavailable for personal use at www. Finding whom to ask is sometimes the most difficult part of getting permission. For more information, please visit the following website: You need permission to quote from them unless an exception to copyright protection applies.

Copyright protection does not last forever.

All rights reserved worldwide. Hopefully, the copyright owner will grant permission. Sometimes the best approach is to find an alternative quote or to find a creative way to complete your work without directly using the quote.

A typical question is whether permission is needed to quote from books, songs, and other creative works.

Summary of Gratis Use Guidelines If your use is in compliance with all of the guidelines listed below, you do not require written permission; if your use does not fall within ALL guidelines listed below, you will need to submit a request for written permission Up to verses in total may be reproduced without permission.

Determining the public domain status of a work gets tricky. July 22, Staying Legal When Using Quotes In my entertainment and media law firm practice, I often advise producers on the legalities of incorporating outside materials into their work.Funny T-Shirts!

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Finally, using copyright-protected quotes on merchandise, such as t-shirts or coffee mugs, is not fair use. It’s too commercial. For similar reasons, I recommend against using a copyright-protected quote on a book cover.

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Academic writing using quotes on t-shirts
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